A new and vibrant city district

De Plantijn is undergoing a transformation into a park-like neighborhood with a focus on livability and community spirit. The current concrete will make way for greenery, the district will become low-traffic, and offers a pleasant space for pedestrians, cyclists, and residents. As part of the thriving Schinkelkwartier, De Plantijn is developing into a bustling district that welcomes everyone and where care and health are central.

Future of Het Slotervaart

Accessible by bike, car, tram, bus and metro.

    • Metro/tram (Heemstedestraat) /Henk Sneevlietweg
    • 4 minutes from Amsterdam South
    • 4 minutes from Amsterdam Lelylaan
    • 7 minutes from Amsterdam Sloterdijk
    • 20 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station
    • Train (Lelylaan)
    • 6 minutes from Amsterdam Sloterdijk
    • 6 minutes from Schiphol
    • 6 minutes from Amsterdam South
    • 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station
    • 34 minutes from Utrecht
    • 52 minutes The Hague
    • Auto
    • 9 minutes from Schiphol
    • 10 minutes from Zuidas
    • 40 minutes from Utrecht
    • 45 minutes The Hague
    • 60 minutes from Rotterdam
    • Tram/Bus (Louwesweg)
    • 1 minute walk
    • Parking (Plantijn Parking Garage)
    • 1 minute walk

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