Het Slotervaart
The future

Het Slotervaart is currently undergoing an exciting transformation, where both the building itself and the surrounding organizations are being repurposed. Together, they lay the foundation for De Plantijn, a future vibrant district in Amsterdam. This district promises to be a dynamic mix of living, working, and leisure, with a diverse range of offerings from healthcare and art to hospitality and sports.

A vision for a new city experience

De Plantijn is taking major steps in its ambition to become a vibrant part of Amsterdam. It offers a fresh impulse to the city with a combination of high-quality and affordable facilities for care, work, and living. Key partners such as Sanquin, Het Slotervaart, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and Hof van Sloten nursing home of Cordaan are uniting their forces to bring this vision to life

A breeding ground for young talent and a confluence of knowledge and skill

De Plantijn is designed as a versatile city district for everyone, from local residents to visitors. It will be a bustling center of activities and encounters, a place where art, education, sports, and healthcare come together. Here, young talents are given the space to develop and innovate, and knowledge is shared. De Plantijn invites exploration and enjoyment, with facilities ranging from sports venues to play areas for children, and from art exhibitions to healthcare

Visit the De Plantijn website for more information.